97 Welcoming Classroom Doors for Back to School

Your students are about to walk through your classroom door for the first time—how are you going to welcome them? These back-to-school classroom door decorations let you show off your teacher personality from day one. From simple but meaningful to artistic and impressive, these ideas cover every subject, every teacher type, and every budget.

Tip: Not allowed to decorate your doors because of fire marshal or safety rules? Many of these make terrific bulletin boards too.

Barbara Gruener via We Are Teachers

1. Kindness Is Key

We love this play on the word key and the idea of promoting kindness from the moment you walk through the door.

A door says Friendship is in the air. It features a hot air balloon and the top is made up of hearts with each student's names on them.
Barbara Gruener via We Are Teachers

2. Friendship in the Air

While this fun idea is shown as a wall hanging, it could easily be part of your classroom door decorations. Every student’s name is featured on its own heart so everyone feels welcome and included.

A door is decorated with a navy blue background and gold stars on it. It says VIP Stage Door Entrance.
Cheryl Rizzo via We Are Teachers

3. Everyone Is a Star

Make your students feel like movie stars with this cute, VIP-access-only classroom door.

A door says Reading gives you wings. It features a girl reading a book that opens up to a bunch of butterflies.
Betsy DeSotto via We Are Teachers

4. Reading Gives You Wings!

Here at We Are Teachers, we love anything that encourages a love of reading!

A door says 4th grade is flamazing and features a girl riding a flamingo and a sun with a smiley face.
Betsy DeSotto via We Are Teachers

5. Be Flamazing

This cute play on the words amazing and flamingo truly is flamazing. Plus, who hasn’t dreamed of riding a flamingo?

A door says we are fluent in kindness and features hearts all over.
Barbara Gruener via We Are Teachers

6. Fluent in Kindness

If you are a foreign language teacher who also loves to promote kindness, then this is the door for you!

A whole bunch of squares with student are on them come together to form a large paper quilt.
Angel Prado via We Are Teachers

7. Classroom Quilt

We love the idea of creating a classroom quilt, and what better place to display it than right on your door. Get the students involved in the classroom door decorations by having them create their own square representing them or something they love on the first day of school. Piece it together for a real wow!

The entryway to a classroom door shows five different options for students to select from when entering. They include thumbs up, wave, hug.
Colleen Bergquist via We Are Teachers

8. Entryway Decisions

Showing your students you care about them while also recognizing their individuality is of the utmost importance. Have them start each day with a warm greeting, ranging from a simple thumbs up to a hug. Kids simply point to the greeting of their choice.

Two double door glass doors are decorated to look like a camper.
Naomi Meredith via We Are Teachers

9. Bring the Outdoors In

Since no one likes being stuck inside all day, why not bring the outdoors in with a cute camping theme for your doorway and maybe your entire classroom?

10. Believe You Can

This is the perfect powerful message to greet your students on the first day!

13. Just Keep Swimming

Welcome back an entire school of little fishies (and share a little Disney love)!

14. We Are Here

Bring those encouraging vibes from day one. Students will feel at home when they see their classroom door.

15. Puppy Smiles

Even if you don’t have an adorable classroom mascot like Dolly, you can still make classroom door decorations full of puppy smiles!

16. Monkeying Around

Using brown burlap for the branch adds some cool texture to this door idea. Have kids color their own monkeys for a personal touch.

18. Today a Reader

This classroom door decoration displays a powerful message for kids to absorb. And these reading monsters are so adorable!

19. Elements of Success

This chemistry-inspired door deserves a Nobel Prize!

20. Whole Latte Learning

This door design will carry you all the way through fall so you can focus on the teaching.

21. Coco: Live Forever

If this is one of your Disney faves, turn it into a classroom door! You can get a kit at the link, with text in Spanish or English (“Remember me and I will live forever”).

22. Happy Campers

The secret to this camping-themed classroom door? Duct tape!

23. You’ve Got a Friend

Here’s some more Disney love from everybody’s favorite toy duo!

24. Building Our Way

Speaking of toys, kids will love these 3D paper LEGO bricks.

25. Classgram

Many students are too young to be on social media, so give them an option they can follow in real life instead. (Buy a kit to make this door from Teach Create Motivate.)

26. Math Gives Us Hope

You may have 99 problems, but a clever door design isn’t one of them!

27. Sign Language Love

Welcome kids by reminding them to embrace diversity in all its forms.

28. A Flower Blooms

Such a great sentiment AND a gorgeous door!

29. Words of Wisdom

Positive sayings and plants? Yes, please.

30. Math Is My Jam!

We love it when teachers are proud of their subject and display it boldly.

31. Ready to Fly

What a great, positive message for students. Help them fly this year!

32. Home Sweet Classroom

Your classroom is their home away from home. Make it feel welcoming!

33. Learners Among Us

Whatever else might be sus, the learning in your classroom definitely is not!

34. We Swim Together

Each of your students can make a fish that matches their personality. Let the creativity begin!

35. Amazing Things Happen Here

Simple, colorful, and full of excitement!

36. The Sky Is the Limit

Shoot for the stars this back-to-school season!

37. Inspiring Black Youth

These classroom door decorations were originally created for Black History Month, but they are terrific for back to school too.

38. I Am Enough

Some classroom door decoration ideas, like this one, really make a big impact! Take inspiration from the book by Grace Byers and remind students that they are enough every single day.

39. Grow and Bloom

This door’s message makes an impact in any language: Don’t just grow, bloom!

40. Something Within Us

Such an important message for every single student to hear.

41. You Are Loved

Everyone needs to hear these things and know that there’s a place where they belong.

43. We Stick Together

Use artificial flowers to add some color to a paper cactus. Punchy details bring door decorations to life!

44. Oversize Pencil

Here’s another take on the “sharp bunch” theme, with the door itself turned into a giant pencil!

45. Shoot 4 Success

We love 3D classroom door decoration ideas. The real basketball hoop makes this classroom door so much fun.

46. Learn and Grow

The big ruler really makes this colorful design pop.

47. Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat will always be a favorite! This design really works because it’s big, bright, and friendly.

50. Chalkboard Door

Make it easy to have a new classroom door message whenever you want! Cover your door with chalkboard paint (be sure to get permission first), then chalk up a new message whenever inspiration strikes.

52. Calculate Kindness

That paper calculator is so much fun!

53. Be Kind

Your students help make this door something special by adding their own ideas on how to show kindness to others.

54. A-maze-ing Year

Those old-school retro vibes are everything.

55. Spread Your Wings

Perfect for those first-day pictures.

56. Be a Pineapple

Pineapples send a surprisingly positive message.

57. Wild About Learning

This door is perfect for a rainforest-themed classroom.

58. Welcome to the Nest

Personalize this cozy door by having students decorate their own bird, write their name, and add one fact that makes them unique.

59. Colorful Crayons

What’s better than a fresh new pack of crayons?

60. Chicka Chicka Boom Boom

Students will go coco-nuts for this DIY book-inspired door!

61. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Make your students feel special with this underwater door decoration. How cute are those scuba divers?

62. Best of the Bunch

Apples are a back-to-school classic, and this door is a bushel of fun. Try these apple cutouts to make your own.

63. Reading Adventures

Welcome all the readers to your classroom!

64. Taco Bout It

If there’s one thing kids love, it’s food. Show some love to your class (and tacos) with this adorable back-to-school door.

65. Look Whooo’s Here

Those giant wiggly eyes make this personalized door extra cute.

66. Oh Snap!

We love Instagram-inspired classroom doors. Fill it with summer photos or clips from experiences that students can expect in your class (the covers of novels you’ll read, photos of the field trip to the zoo, students reading outside in the spring …).

67. Oh So Sweet

These Popsicle-themed, glitter-covered classroom door decorations are the perfect sweet start to the year.

68. Ocean Reef

Take a trip under the sea.

69. A Whale of a Door

This is a doorway your students will never forget!

70. Superheroes in Training

That 3D effect is easy to create and really adds a lot of impact.

71. Notebook Paper

What a wonderful way to display your students’ names. The design is simple yet perfect.

72. Incredible Year

Love the Incredibles movies? Try this door decoration!

73. Awesome Kids

Keep it colorful (and geometric) with this welcoming door.

74. Life Is Sweet

Pineapples and flamingos make for a really welcoming door.

75. Young Minds Bloom

How pretty are those flowers? Your class will definitely feel welcomed walking through this gorgeous door.

76. Cat Class

Who doesn’t love being greeted by fuzzy kittens every morning?

77. Blast Off!

Go on a space mission into your classroom this year. Prepare for liftoff!

78. Chicken Nuggets

We love these fast-food-inspired classroom door decorations. Perfect for little ones.

79. Welcome Book

This door is perfect for a library or an English class. So simple and cute!

80. In Tents

Grab some tent stickers and some cute garland to re-create this in-tents door.

81. Whale of a Time

This colorful door is over-whale-mingly cute!

82. Kids at Work

This door is one in a minion!

83. Reach for the Stars

Your students will love participating in this Reach for the Stars activity!

84. Hungry Learners

Just like the caterpillar was hungry for food, your students are hungry for knowledge!

85. On an Adventure

Up and away!

86. Piece of the Puzzle

A puzzle border makes this door really stand out.

87. Move Mountains

Remind students of all they are capable of on the first day.

88. Welcome Door

Keep it simple with this notebook paper door! Add a pencil for a nice finishing touch.

89. Cookie Monster

This board is super sweet. Om nom nom!

90. Don’t Let the Pigeon …

Call out a kid-favorite book with this adorable back-to-school door decoration. Don’t let the pigeon in!

91. Ready, Set, Glow

Catch some fireflies this back-to-school season. Watch your class light up with learning!

92. Throw Kindness Like Confetti

Celebrate kindness all day every day in your classroom.

93. Stand Out

Stand out from the crowd with this inspirational door! Perfect for a circus-themed classroom.

94. Joy of Learning

Turn your classroom inside out! This door is sure to spark some joy.

95. Emoji Door

Welcome your students with a smiling face! And a silly face and a laughing face …

96. Ray of Sunshine

Brighten up the entry to your classroom with this desert-themed door. The sun is shining and we’re ready to learn!

97. Honey Bee

Your students will be buzzing with excitement when they see this classroom door.

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