Antartica Roundabout in Azuqueca de Henares, Spain

Spain is filled with unique roundabouts, many of which stand alone as works of art.

Azuqueca de Henares in the province of Guadalajara in Spain happens to have one of the most curious roundabouts in the whole of the country, the Antarctica roundabout, which reproduces the frozen continent to scale and was built to commemorate the fourth International Polar Year. The roundabout is a stone representation of Antarctica, with plenty of faux ice and snow.

What are the links between this town and Antarctica? Not many really, yet the Antarctica roundabout has become a landmark in the city and has contributed to speeding up traffic, reducing waiting times, and improving safety in the area.

Additionally, its landscaping design has made the entrance to Azuqueca way more interesting and, up to a certain point, attractive to both residents and visitors.

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