Anya Taylor-Joy Has a Twisted Take On The Avant-Garde Corset Dress

Anya Taylor-Joy’s Furiosa press tour could be one for the books. But, before the actress even touched down on the red carpet to promote the Warner Bros. flick, she kicked things off with a bang earlier this week. In a video with her co-star Chris Hemsworth, Taylor-Joy showed off a corseted mini dress from one of London’s edgiest labels.

The actress sported a look from designer Dilara Findikoglu’s fall 2024 collection that turned out to be a twisted, fashion girl take on the classic LBD. Her corset dress featured a plunging, square neckline complete with ruffled white fabric poking out from the top. The dress then hugged Taylor-Joy’s figure before finishing off in a teensy mini skirt. Like her bodice, Taylor-Joy’s skirt also possessed an intriguing design detail in the form of exposed pockets that went past the hemline. To complete the look, Taylor-Joy went simple, opting for dewy skin, a bold lip, and pin-straight hair.

Much like Sydney Sweeney, who has been treating New York City to a stylish showcase of LBDs this week, Taylor-Joy has been gravitating towards the wardrobe staple in recent weeks. For the Vanity Fair Oscars after party, the actress shined in a pearl-adorned Miss Sohee confection. And while her Dilara look is a touch more casual than that going out moment, there’s no denying that Hollywood’s latest fixation is reworked versions of the LBD.

Courtesy of Dilara Findikoglu

Taylor-Joy unofficially kicked off her Furiosa press tour back in November—while wearing a plunging, cut-out gown nonetheless—but it’s only a matter time of before the actress is back doing her thing on the red carpet. She plays Imperator Furiosa (a role once held by Charlize Theron) in the film, so it’s safe to assume the actress has some pretty big fashion moments up her sleeve.

Now, whether Taylor-Joy continues to lean into Hollywood’s push towards themed dressing on the red carpet remains the million dollar question. Likely, she’ll channel a bit of her on-screen character into her real life wardrobe, similar to the hooded Dior couture and witchy Margiela she sported during the Dune: Part Two premieres last month. But, if there’s one thing we’ve garnered over the years concerning Taylor-Joy’s red carpet style, it’s to expect the unexpected.

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