Apple's M2 Mac mini drops to a record low of $479

While we’re to announce any new hardware at its this week, there’s always a chance that the company may have a modest refresh or two up its sleeves. Perhaps Apple is trying to clear out existing stock to make way for new models, which could be the reason why the M2 Mac mini has dropped to . That’s $120 off the regular price of $599.

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The base M2 Mac mini has dropped to its lowest price to date.

$479 at Amazon

This lil’ desktop machine has eight CPU cores (with a CPU speed of 3.2 GHz) and 10 GPU cores in its M2 chipset, along with 8GB of unified memory, so it should be able to handle basic to moderate tasks with relative ease. It also has 256GB of onboard storage. (The 512GB model is , with a clippable coupon shaving off another $9.01.)

On the connectivity front, the M2 Mac mini has dual Thunderbolt 4 ports, two USB-A ports, an HDMI port, Wi-Fi 6E, Bluetooth 5.3, gigabit ethernet support and a headphone jack. You’ll still need to add on peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard and monitor to get it up and running, but the M2 Mac mini is a nice Mac desktop for the price.

Those looking for some more power, however, may be more interested in the M2 Pro Mac mini. It’s (be sure to redeem the $50 clippable coupon!). We reviewed this model in early 2023 and . We liked the performance, design, quiet operation and array of ports (you get an additional pair of USB-C slots here). However, upgrading beyond the base model is expensive, while we found having to reach around to the back to plug anything in somewhat cumbersome.

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