Big Rusty in Hainesport, New Jersey

Big Rusty is a metal, cement, and wooden troll created by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. The figure’s body is made out of found materials from an old abandoned structure that still stands by his side today.

Dambo has built over 120 trolls across 17 countries. While most of Dambo’s trolls are made from wood, Big Rusty is largely crafted from metal. 

The hulking figure lurks at the end of a road. He’s seated, but still tall enough to tower over the original building, with his hand resting casually on the structure’s roof. Adjacent signs ask visitors not feed the troll, who already has gnawed wires dangling from his toothy grin.

The surrounding building and grounds are full of colorful graffiti, but beware of fallen walls and broken glass left in the troll’s wake. 

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