Castillo de Iscar (Iscar Castle) in Iscar, Spain

Iscar, located in the province of Valladolid, Spain, has a history dating back to ancient times, with evidence of human settlement since the prehistoric era. The town flourished during the Roman period known for its strategic location along trade routes.

In the Middle Ages, Iscar became a fortified settlement under Moorish rule before being reconquered by Christian forces. Throughout history, it experienced periods of prosperity and decline, influenced by factors such as agriculture, industry, and warfare. Today, Iscar is known for its cultural heritage, including historic buildings and festivals, while also being a hub for modern industrial development.

Iscar is situated between Olmedo and Cuéllar in the southeast of the Valladolid province, close to the Segovia border. The village is tucked away at the base of a breakwater. In 2000 BCE, the prehistoric inhabitants of Iscar erected a fortified castro in this prominent location, which commanded the pine-tree plain furrowed by.

The castle in Iscar Valladolid is a clear example of forgotten Spanish history. Renovations and decay have both harmed the structure.

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