July 2024 Horoscope: The 5 Signs Reevaluating Relationships This Month

June was a whirlwind and a half, wasn’t it? The alignment of most personal planets (the sun, Mercury, and Venus in particular) with Jupiter, all in the sign of Gemini, left us buzzing. But now, as we step into July, a different energy awaits. We’re transitioning from June’s high-octane speed to a more reflective and emotional summer. This shift invites us to a more intentional and reflective state. July is packed with transits that beckon us to re-engage with our world as Leo season approaches. The planets are ready to rally around us, guiding us to move forward by looking back.

Whenever I prep for the month ahead, I always look at the new and full moon charts to understand where the collective will be. The new moon on July 5th is beautiful, because the moon is in her home sign of Cancer. I love a new moon in Cancer, because it creates new moments for our emotional well-being. With this new moon, there is a lot of comfort coming through. The new moon is in close aspect to Venus and Saturn, adding some joy to our days and reminding us of how we need to hold ourselves accountable for emotionally regulating. Go back in time to when you were a child and how you were (or wished you were) supported during your upbringing. Start integrating those themes around the new moon and keep them moving forward. Your past experiences are valuable; mulling over their significance can lead to profound personal growth and understanding.

As the full moon in Capricorn on the 21st comes in, we get to buckle down and ensure that we stay on track with these changes to our emotional habits. This Capricorn full moon, a catalyst for personal growth, will pick up many of the themes from the one we experienced on June 21. Capricorn full moons push us the way a parent or guardian might. The moon says, “Girl, get it together; you know what you need to do and what you are capable of, so just do it.” You might feel energetically slapped around a bit, but it is necessary to make sure we keep ourselves in check.

July also kicks off with Neptune stationing retrograde from July 2 to December 7. This is the third of the slower-moving planets to do so this year, following Pluto and Saturn. As these outer planets take a step back, they beckon us to do the same. Neptune, the planet of dreams, illusions, imagination, mystery, and spirituality, can be a bit challenging to navigate. Without intuition or spiritual practice guidance, it can feel like driving down a foggy road. This retrograde period is a time of profound introspection and deepening of our spiritual connection. While you might feel uncertain about your direction over the next few months, embrace practices that connect you to your more mystical side. You might need to release worldly habits or indulgences during the process—but when one door closes, another one opens.

Mercury, the planet of communication and thought, embarks on intriguing shifts as the month goes on. First, it will transition into Leo on July 2, infusing our thoughts and experiences with fiery passion and creativity. Mercury in Leo is a delightful phase, encouraging us to be bold and expressive. However, it’s key to note that Mercury will enter its retrograde shadow on the 16th of the month. Don’t panic just yet. Mercury retrograde doesn’t start until August, but it’s wise to begin observing the tension points in your daily life that emerge from July 16th onward. Mercury will briefly dip into Virgo on the 25th before the retrograde begins. So, shifting from bold and expressive to discerning and analytical will help temper some potential chaos.

On July 11, Venus moves into Leo, adding to the lovely energy in the air. Venus in Leo is a fantastic transit, because she reminds us of the give-and-take in relationships. Though Leo is often coined as self-centered, when it comes to love and creativity (which Venus rules), they can’t help but shine a light on the ones who mean the most to them. With Venus in Cancer for the first 1/3 of the month and Leo for the rest, I hope we are all reminded to care for our loved ones as much as we care for ourselves, and vice versa. The beauty of this Venus in Leo is her reminder that: as much as we give, we also deserve to receive and share our passions with the world. Venus in Leo encourages us to take up space and do the things that make us feel the best—so let yourself indulge a bit with the ones you love.

The last significant shift this month is Mars’s move into Gemini on July 20. Mars, the get-sh*t-done planet, encourages action and influences our aggression and motivation. However, Mars in Gemini is quintessentially scattered and distracted. You might feel toward the end of the month that you are struggling to focus on one task at a time and that you are motivated by several different projects at once. To that, I say, GOOD! Mars in Gemini, though it’s not everyone’s cup of tea, attempts to teach curiosity and “multitasking.” Work in smaller batches to avoid burnout. Mars in Gemini is like spending an hour or two reorganizing your closet, then jumping into scheduling a vacation for another hour, then taking time to do the dishes and meal prep before getting back to work. It would be best to allow yourself to jump where you feel motivated because, trust me, you won’t be able to stay focused on one thing for too long.

As always, read your horoscope from the POV of your rising sign. This will give you the most accurate analysis of what you can anticipate over July. Overall, the coming month invites us to make sure we are taking care of ourselves, being intentional about our relationships, receiving support from them, and holding ourselves to realistic standards of daily effort.


Your ruling planet, Mars, moves between Taurus and Gemini this month, shifting your motivation from making money moves to making mental moves. As you progress through July, make sure you put a nice, pretty bow on top of whatever financial endeavors you’ve embarked on over the past two months. Think about how what you’ve aspired to and attained has helped you better understand your self-worth. This isn’t to say that by having more, you are better—it says that when you are intentional about what you spend your money on and how you attain it, you understand what you stand for. Your curiosity and zest for adventure will continue to expand this month, so spend time exploring while you put your pleasures at the front of your world. Throughout the month, balance work and play, because the new and full moons are also a reminder of where you need to have a harmonious union between the two.


Your ruling planet, Venus, has some potential to ease any tension going on in your home life. Venus in Leo will help remind you of who you are and how you were raised. Although you don’t necessarily have to spend every waking moment of July with your family, you would benefit from making some efforts to spend time with the family unit, whether that be chosen or given family. Learn about your community, its meaning, and your values. July invites you to blend who you are, your upbringing, your beliefs, and how you seek out spaces that encourage your wonderful self. July takes on a social paradigm shift for you, ensuring you step into your power—not just living in the present, but staying away from how the past and future can influence your sense of self.


Mercury, which rules your chart, will start to slow down this month—and so will you. On the heels of a beautifully dynamic Gemini season, ensure you assess what you experienced this past month. I expect you might need to clean the house and get yourself situated after June as you continue to grow and expand your sense of self. With an approaching Mercury retrograde, you will want to spend the latter half of this time paying closer attention to your daily life to see what might be causing you more trouble in August. However, toward the end of the month, stay aware of how you are exerting your energy. With Mars moving into your sign, you—more than most—might feel yourself go from 0 to 60 in 3.5 seconds. Let yourself be inspired and motivated to continue diving into experiences that help you connect to who you are. And make sure not to let those daily tasks get out of hand.


Cancer, this month is about embracing the changes you have undergone over the past few months. You have been challenged in many ways to look toward change rather than sitting in the past comforts. With Cancer season in full swing and the new and full moon on the axis of your and your sister’s sign, you are entering a month that lets you start fresh and cleanse any negativity you are still holding onto. You might notice that this month changes how you view yourself and your relationships as you better understand your newfound self-worth. Don’t let the nostalgia of the good times keep you in situations that feel like they are not progressing you forward. Being ruled by the moon, pay close attention to how you feel around July 5th and what you uncover about yourself. At the end of the month, the full moon should allow you to let the past be the past and step into a future of supportive relationships that hold you accountable, but tenderly so.


Leo season is right around the corner, and I know you are itching to make it all about you—but don’t go too fast! Your ruling planet, the sun, spends most of the month in Cancer, giving you time to calm down before the storm (the storm being all the fabulous parties and events you will throw and attend in the last third of the month). As more inner planets, namely, Venus and Mercury, move into your sign, reintroduce yourself to yourself, and the world around you. Venus and Mercury will create a strong sense of awareness and approachability to your character—so get out and let yourself be seen. Be careful during the first half of the month; if you overexert yourself by doing too much, you might hit burnout faster than usual. In all, July is the best time to get out and socialize in a way that lets you be the flame lighting up the room. Treat yourself to a new outfit, too, because you deserve it.


Similar to Gemini, you might feel a natural slowing happen over July. With the retrograde around the corner, it is time to check in on yourself. The first half of the month is an excellent opportunity to stay connected and redefine your support systems and the communities to which you belong. Remember that, although you are the problem solver in everyone else’s life, you are not obligated to do everything independently. You might find that looking for new communities which align with your goals will provide a greater sense of security, easing that anxious side of yourself that hates to ask for help. Misery loves company, but when that company strives toward the same goals, the misery feels less melodramatic and becomes motivation.


Your ruling planet, Venus, makes some lovely movements this month. You might notice that your career has been taking on new forms and that there is more focus on where you are heading long-term—and who can help you get there. Collaboration is engrained in your DNA as a Libra, so let yourself collaborate, especially once Venus moves into Leo. You might be starting a new job this month, or perhaps you’re venturing to take your current role to the next level. Think big about where you want to be versus where you currently are. Toward the end of the month, I anticipate you might find yourself inspired by the world around you. Add a bit of variety to what you do daily and seek adventure in your world. Who knows? Maybe a girl’s trip or a weekend getaway to a new city could help you determine what is on the horizon!


As a complex individual, you can breathe easy knowing that most of the tension moves off your shoulders this month. Your ruling planet, Mars, toward the end of July, will add a bit of variety to your day and help you understand the benefit of learning from others on a deeper level. Mars in Gemini will allow you to communicate and understand more about your shared experiences and fears and how to transform your relationship with them. Before that, however, you might notice that you are motivated to do some new work. Whether professionally or personally, July sparks a chapter of reconnecting to what inspires you to keep moving forward. It might not be accessible at times to step out of your routine, but use July as an opportunity to explore what brings a smile to your face and ideas into your mind.


Ruled by Jupiter, you have just spent June adjusting to a significant, energetic shift. How have your relationships been changing? Have you met any new friends? Or have you been spending more time with a special someone? Maybe you are on the precipice of a new business contract! As you settle into this fabulous year-long transit, July reminds you that, at your core, you are an adventurous soul. Although you might feel like you must spend more time nurturing certain connections coming forward right now, don’t lose sight of your desire for freedom. Take people on this adventure with you! Let others guide you down new paths, and let yourself shift away from being a solo traveler to becoming someone who, like Ash Ketchum in the Pokemon series, spends time with a few key players each season before moving on to the next journey.


Your ruling planet, Saturn, recently started its yearly retrograde at the end of June. With this shift, you are, in a sense, also retrograde. Step back to assess where to go forward. July brings a lot of potential for you to refresh and restart. The new and full moon have the opportunity to put many things into perspective. Understanding where you stand with your relationships and how you hold yourself and others to various expectations will come to the forefront. Use this to reassess and re-strategize how you approach life independently, and with others. In all, July provides context for who you are, how you need to motivate yourself moving forward, and who in your life can best give the structure you naturally offer to others.


July starts to bring a lot of love into your world, Aquarius. With the movement of Venus into your sister sign, Leo, you might notice that your relationships perk up and feel a bit fiery (in a good way). Focus on cultivating joy when you spend time with others over the next month and focusing on what provides you the most fulfillment when with others. You are ruled by Saturn and Uranus, the former just stationed retrograde, helping you reassess your values and finances. Ensure you feel aligned with your self-worth and remind yourself what you want to stand for in this lifetime. July has so much potential for joy and happiness for you; make sure you are doing it on your terms and not someone else’s.


Being ruled by Neptune, you might feel like July, and through the rest of the year, feels a bit funky. With Neptune retrograde kicking off, you are particularly called to reconnect with your spiritual center by returning to your craft. At the beginning of this month, challenge yourself to share and express what tension points bubble up so that you find comfort in asking for support. As the month ends, you might want to retreat to your inner sanctuary, but that does not mean you should become avoidant. Use July to hold yourself accountable to moving forward, even if you aren’t sure of the path you are forging. Rather than waiting for change or motivation, allow yourself to jump around and rediscover what creates a sense of stability.

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