Keke Palmer Pregnant

Keke Palmer shows off her baby bump in the opening monologue of ‘Saturday Night Live

While some people enjoy singing from the rooftops, Keke Palmer did it live on television in front of millions of viewers.

This weekend, the comedian and actress hosted Saturday Night Live. During her opening monologue, she revealed that she was pregnant with her first baby.

The “Hustlers” star wore a trench with snap buttons and stated that she wanted to “set the record straight” regarding “rumors going around” about her having a baby.

She continued, “I am!” and whipped open her coat to expose her baby bump underneath.

Palmer closed her coat’s clasps and said, “It is terrible when people on the Internet spread false rumors about you, but even worse when they are correct!”

She joked that she was trying to keep her pregnancy low-key for fear of losing sponsorship deals, one of which was with a liquor label.

She laughed and said, “Let’s clear the check, then we can get the damn baby shower,”

Palmer and Sza hosted the long-running NBC comedy sketches show.

A cold open mocking Herschel Walk, a sketch in PSA style for Drake’s exes, and a shot at Hello Kitty with Bowen Yang and Palmer as employees who cannot accept the fact that Hello Kitty doesn’t exist.

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