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LinkDaddy® Launches Domain Authority Checker Tool

LinkDaddy launched a free Domain Authority Checker tool, which provides domain rating scores to business owners, webmasters and digital marketers.

UNITED STATES. January 24, 2022 / LinkDaddy News / LinkDaddy continues to improve efficiency and transparency in its White Label SEO services. An end-to-end digital agency that specializes in SEO services, LinkDaddy has just launched its Domain Authority checker. This online tool is free and makes it easy for webmasters, business owners, e-commerce competitors analysis specialists, and others to quickly assess the domain authority a website. This is important in the SEO world where there are constantly changing trends and it is difficult to know which ranking parameters will continue to be valid in an increasingly competitive space.

Industry experts agree that domain authority is a ranking parameter that can bring in clicks that have a greater chance of converting into sales. The Domain Authority [DA] Checker addresses that requirement.

LinkDaddy Domain Authority Checker requires minimal input from users. It does not require any technical or personal information. It is a browser-based interface that allows users to access the interface as easily as they would visit a website. Only two data inputs are required to access the interface: the URL of the website and an email address. The user is then redirected to the results page. This is only one of the deliverables. The DA Checker can do a lot more.

The report is sent quickly by email and it includes detailed information. This report gives more information about how to increase website traffic beyond just setting up a website’s domain authority. The report also includes a link-building strategy and explains relevant LinkDaddy SEO services that could be used to increase the domain authority as well as the overall SEO performance for the targeted portal.

LinkDaddy® Launches Domain Authority CheckerThe LinkDaddy Domain Checker is different from other tools because it offers more than just a domain authority report. This tool provides a portal to website optimization. It includes guidance, consulting and a whole range of services that can increase a domain’s authority. The DA checker is very useful for business owners, who may not have a deep understanding of legitimate SEO practices but are able to understand the need to be more competitive. This tool allows them to make informed decisions about SEO services.

The Domain Authority Score is a form of domain authority that allows users to quickly assess the health of their site and those of their competitors. DA score benchmarks indicate that a score of 40 to 50 is considered average, 50-60 is considered good and 60 is considered prime performance. A score above 60 indicates prime performance. The chances of being highlighted in search engines such as Google and Bing’s results pages are greater if your DA score is higher.

Tony Peacock CEO – LinkDaddy says that the DA tool doesn’t stop at providing a domain authority score. An free consultation is available to business owners. This strategy call will help define and set up an SEO strategy. There are no obligations.

“Our DA tool doesn’t stop at providing a DA score. The business owner can request a consultation and a strategy call to help define and set up an SEO strategy.” – Tony Peacock, CEO and Founder of LinkDaddy

Book for a Strategy CallLinkDaddy’s DA Checker takes the relevancy of the website to be a parameter, rather than its health on its internal pages. This involves collecting information on all domains with do-follow links to the targeted website. The DA tool uses this approach to calculate the Domain Authority (DA), Backlinks and Referral Domains. Ahrefs determines the Domain Authority as the search engine ranking score. Referring Domains refer to root domains/websites linking back to the targeted website.

This free tool can only be used effectively if users understand their competitors. The score for brands/global corporations like Apple and Adidas will appear almost perfect if someone attempts to calculate their DA score. This is not true for smaller businesses, which are relevant to a user’s operations scale. It includes local, near, close-by, and regional businesses. These websites are often competitive in the same niche as the business they are targeting. They also tend to rank next to nearby searches that a business owner is looking for. This free DA tool will help you find the right type of competitor websites whose domain authority to check.

LinkDaddy offers several DA-boosting services. This is because anyone who checks out the DA score will most likely be interested in ways to increase the domain rating. A cutting-edge profile of backlinks is one way to increase the domain rating (or DR). Linking a business website to high-authority and relevant websites is one way to do this. LinkDaddy is able to do this by increasing the reach for online businesses where a team o SEO experts assists in setting up and maintaining a better, more healthy backlink profile. This includes adding more referring domains and conducting on-page keyword SEO.

LinkDaddy builds backlinks using industry-recommended, legitimate practices. The team links the client’s site across their network of local newsrooms, online directories, and blogging platforms. LinkDaddy offers content creation services that can speed up this process. These measures can be combined to increase Domain Authority without spending a lot of money on online advertising.

About LinkDaddy

LinkDaddy, based in Miami, Florida is a full-service SEO service provider. LinkDaddy provides search engine optimization solutions and strategies to increase brand engagement online. LinkDaddy offers customized packages to meet all your SEO needs, whether you are a local business looking to rank higher in search results or a startup trying to get better YouTube rankings. LinkDaddy offers end-to–end backlinking services, including tier 1 backlinks and do-follow backlinks. They also offer Google Stack backlinks. Local SEO backlinks can be obtained as well as mass-page website backlinks. LinkDaddy offers domain power booster services to business owners with the assurance of only legitimate, white-hat SEO practices. LinkDaddy has access to the largest niche blog networks in the world, which can help improve the relevancy of web pages and other digital resources, helping businesses websites rank higher for specific keywords and locations. To learn more about the services offered by LinkDaddy, customers can request a free trial that is completely confidential and costs nothing.

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LinkDaddy®, Launches Domain Authority Checker Tool

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