New Safety Issue To Delay Delivery Of Boeing 737 Max Aircraft

Boeing Co. (BA) has said that the discovery of two mis-drilled holes on some fuselages will further delay the delivery of about 50 of its 737 Max airplanes.

It’s the latest safety issue to plague Boeing and its line of 737 Max aircraft, which suffered two fatal crashes and repeated groundings by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) in recent years.

Regarding the latest safety concern with the discovery of two mis-drilled holes, Boeing stated: “While this potential condition is not an immediate flight safety issue and all 737s can continue operating safely, we currently believe we will have to perform rework on about 50 undelivered airplanes.”

Specifically, Boeing is looking into two holes on a window frame supplied by sub-contractor Spirit AeroSystems (SPR), a condition known as “short edge margin.”

The new problem was discovered as part of a “Notice of Escapement,” in which suppliers notify Boeing of any quality issues. Boeing has encountered numerous problems with Spirit AeroSystems in recent years.

Boeing is under intense regulatory scrutiny after the mid-air blowout of a door plug on an Alaska Airlines (ALK) flight that occurred on Jan. 5 of this year.

The stock of Boeing has declined 17% since the Alaska Airlines incident and is currently trading at $209.38 U.S. per share.

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