Our Design Editor Names the 7 Best Home Fragrances for Spring

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There’s an impactful way to elevate your home that doesn’t require changing your decor, new furniture or even painting the walls a new color. While those are certainly great for freshening things up, I’m not talking about what you can see, but instead, what you can smell. Layering in fragrance can completely shift the way you experience a room. And in the spirit of welcoming a fresh perspective to your space this season, we’re naming the best home fragrance for spring—no matter your scent preferences.

The Best Home Fragrances for Spring

Much like having a signature scent for yourself, the way your home smells can be an extension of your personal style. It can set the tone for how you want yourself and others to feel as they spend time in your space. In addition, switching up your fragrances seasonally is a budget-friendly way to give your home a refresh. You’ll no doubt be spending lots of time outside this season, but the following home fragrances for spring will remind you of gentle breezes, sunshine, and fresh florals. All without having to leave the house. 


Even though pear season is late summer to early winter, the crisp, slightly sweet fragrance is a fantastic way to welcome warmer weather in your home. Many pear fragrances are layered with floral notes as well, like Jo Malone’s English Pear and Freesia, so it makes a perfect choice for spring. 

Pura’s Smart Fragrance Diffuser offers a line of Dae scents, and Prickly Pear is a delicious blend of pear, watermelon, geranium and raspberry musk. I have this scent diffusing in my home office and it keeps me inspired and invigorated as I work, especially now that I have my windows open. Pura is a plug-in diffuser that operates via an app. You can schedule when fragrance is emitted and how strong you want the fragrance to be—a great option if you prefer to stay away from candles.


Any citrus fragrance is uplifting and refreshing, and lemon is especially cheery and bright in the spring. Lemon scents are akin to sunshine if you ask me, and it’s the ideal scent to add to your kitchen. A lemon-scented candle on your kitchen countertop sets the scene for a cozy breakfast, a relaxing cup of coffee, or an afternoon of meal prep. Lemon will inspire you to breathe in and get things done, so be sure to light the candle whenever you need a boost. 

Clean Laundry

Spring sunshine and cool breezes will always remind me of laundry hanging out to dry. But the clean, fresh smell of newly laundered clothes doesn’t have to come solely on laundry days. Lighting a candle or placing a reed diffuser in your home will keep the fresh smell circulating regardless of whether you have a load running. 

Maison Margiela’s Replica fragrances have a knack for creating scents that emulate simple and romantic everyday moments, and their Lazy Sunday Morning scent is a dreamy blend of Lily of the Valley and white musk. Likewise, Nest’s Linen fragrance is a gentle mix of clean linen, white orchid and apple blossom. Both will remind you of laundered linens gently drying in the sun. 

Rain Water

April showers bring May flowers, as they say, and who doesn’t love the gentle taps of raindrops on your window? Rainwater fragrances are fresh and aquatic and both of these candles are inspired by spring showers. Each is a blend of rainwater and grounding notes like pine, vetiver and birchwood—natural and clean. Place them anywhere you need a fresh scent, whether that’s your entryway, your bathroom, or your living room.


Florals for spring are not exactly groundbreaking (thank you Miranda Priestly), but I’d be remiss to not include fragrances that will make you feel like you’re strolling through a garden of fresh blooms. Honeysuckle is especially soft and feminine, and this fragrance would be especially welcome on a vanity nestled between make-up and glass bottles of perfume. I keep the Dossier Floral Honeysuckle room diffuser in my bathroom and it adds something so special to my morning and evening routines. The subtle fragrance elevates the experience of doing my skincare, putting on makeup or winding down for the evening. It’s easier to romanticize getting ready for the day when you indulge in your senses, and breathing in honeysuckle is just one way to make your spring self-care practices just a little sweeter. 


With holiday peppermint fragrances tucked away, mint can still be a scent you reach for in the spring. Spearmint is especially refreshing, and blends that include floral and citrus notes keep the fragrance profile appropriate for warmer weather. Jenni Kayne’s mint candle includes both lemon and vanilla, and Below 60’s mint disco on ice blends lavender with spearmint and glacial waters. These mint fragrances would be wonderful in a home office, as they can help keep you focused and alert. I keep my Below 60 plug-in diffuser in my closet, and the clean, refreshing mint scent keeps my clothes smelling pristine. It’s always a nice feeling opening up my closet to pick out an outfit when everything smells extra clean!


Lavender goes hand in hand with the bedroom. The pretty perennial is known to aid in relaxation and reduce stress, making it an obvious choice for the room where you sleep. Incorporating the scent into your daylight savings nighttime routine can help make the time change a bit easier. Light a candle an hour or two before you go to sleep, or be generous with the room spray. Try to get to bed a little earlier than usual and wind down while you gently envelop yourself in lavender fragrance. Treat yourself by settling in with a good book, your journal, or your partner and let the lavender ease you into a good night’s rest. 

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