Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time remake is still happening and it's coming out 2026

After all the delays, studio switches and confusion, and following plenty of updates on those spinoff Prince of Persia games, Ubisoft’s SGF 2024 presentation included a release… year for its troubled Sands of Time remake. We’re not really getting any more details yet, but it’s confirmation that the project is still underway. It’s just years away, still.

Ubisoft Montreal, which worked on the initial Sands of Time. took over the project from Ubisoft Pune and Mumbai, scrubbing the launch date of January 2021 in the process. Back then, Ubisoft Montreal was apparently “building upon the work achieved” by its studios in India. Last year however, producer Jean-Francois Naud revealed that the project was still “in conception” — so what exactly did those Ubisoft studios make? It sounds like a mess. And this is about a game that’s a reboot of a reboot.

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