Ravenwood Standing Stone in Edinburgh, Scotland

Ravenwood Standing Stone

In Scotland, there are several standing stones around the country. These ancient rock formations signify what experts believe to be a combination of indicators; from burial grounds, and sites of ceremony and worship to social gathering places. They are often found in remote areas, far from today’s modern human dwellings. This is what makes this standing stone located amid a housing development in Edinburgh so unique.

Situated outside a block of flats, not far from where residents park their vehicles, stands a lone monolith. Protected by a small circular wrought iron fence, there is no signage to indicate this stone’s extraordinary presence. It measures nearly seven feet in height and contains no inscriptions. The rock is formed of grey sandstone and has been moved several times from its original position.

Very little is known about this sole megalith. It has been dated to the Neolithic period, putting its age somewhere around 4,000 years. No one knows its true purpose, but it has been speculated that it was erected to signify an ancient battle or to serve as some indicator of rituals. Its continual presence is a persistent reminder of ancient mysteries.

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