The 10 Best Matte Lipsticks

I have always gravitated towards a glossy lip. There’s something about the finish that feels indulgently effortless and lush without being over-the-top. Lately, however, a slew of new matte formulations have me questioning my allegiance and reconsidering the power of a classic, long-lasting look. Brands like Westman Atelier, Byredo, and Dior have recently introduced matte formulations that feel as good on the lips as a nourishing, squalane-rich lip balm while pushing the boundaries of pigmentation and makeup-as-skincare (peptides to soften lines take center stage in many blends). Read on to meet our favorite new versions of what may be the most archetypal beauty staple of all time.

For decades, makeup artist Gucci Westman has mixed and matched countless lipsticks to create gorgeous custom shades on the likes of Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow. Now, with the release of Westman Atelier’s Lip Suede Matte Lipstick, we finally have inimitable colors from the artist herself. Beyond the vibrant, natural tints, the most appealing factor may be the texture– moisturizing meadowfoam extract combines with Vitamin C and E and hyaluronic acid to give a buttery, deliciously cushiony finish that soothes.

This lipstick goes on like a gloss. It is so smooth and light on the skin, you barely notice it. At the same time, the pigment is vibrant and long lasting, and it doesn’t bleed over the lips. Really, it’s the best of a glossier, shinier option and a matte combined.

Dior Rouge was first developed by Christian Dior himself in the late 1940s as a personal gift to private clients. Over the years it’s had many iterations, but this Spring’s launch levels up on velvety-finish. Shade 100, a peachy nude that’s equal parts low-key and romantic, is a must-have for those who swear by a nude lip.

What Glossier’s Cloud Paint is to cheeks, G Suit is to lips. This lip cream is youthful but not overly trendy — ideal for a fresh, playful moment with true spring energy.

Byredo’s just-released matte liquid lipsticks have the deepest pigmentation of any liquid lipstick I’ve tried. The extraterrestrial hues (Martian Dust is a creamy blurred blood orange; Calmer, a rose-tinted earth) lie at the intersection of elegance and cool. One swipe and your glam recalls the red carpet aesthetics of Hunter Schaefer or, in the range’s softer shades, Sofia Coppola.

Hermès’s Pierre Hardy-designed lipsticks are worth it for the packaging alone. But the formula lives up to the first impression: The newer shades are fluorescent neons with a ’60s pop effect — think the pinkest of pinks and Lichtenstein “POW!!” red-orange. The ultimate statement lipstick.

In a particularly romantic twist, Lancôme recently introduced “blushing” nude shades to its matte line. Think deep berry brown, soft rosewood pink, and a cool burgundy hues that look good on a variety of skin tones and suggest a range of moods. Essential oils sourced from hand-picked Damascena and Centifolia roses from Grasse help nourish the skin.

For many years, I wore Chanel 444 as my failsafe party rouge. My grandmother, never one to blend in, wore the same shade. The new Chanel matte lipstick gives nourishment where earlier versions gave only pigment, best layered for the highest impact. Shade 0:00, a raspberry wine red, may just be my new evening go-to.

The Paris-born, New York-based makeup artist Violette Serrat only releases new shades once a year, and this ultra-curated (and sustainable) process serves the brand well. The new Violette_FR liquid matte lip is a deep seductive burgundy. To put it simply, the lipstick is heady and sophisticated, as well as particularly beautiful and radiant on darker skin tones.

No best-of list would be complete without a look into MAC’s iconic bullet. The artist-favorite reformulated their beloved matte for the first time since the ’80s this spring. The updated, just-released versions are very similar in aesthetic to the original hero products, but creamier with a dreamy, cushiony feel on the lips.

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