TikTok rivals with real-time social sharing

TikTok has been copied by larger competitors for years. Now, the app’s short-form video is being copied by a newer competitor.

TikTok announced Thursday a new real-time sharing feature. It is modeled after BeReal which has gained popularity among college students and other young users.

TikTok Now will send users a daily push notification with a timed trigger to post a still or video from their phones’ front and back cameras. This will show what they are doing at the moment. It is essentially a copy of BeReal’s main feature, which sends users a prompt each day with a 2-minute timer to upload unedit front- and back-camera images.

In a blog announcement, TikTok said that “TikTok Now” brings the authenticity and charm of TikTok into a new experience that connects people with close friends. TikTok stated that it is currently testing the feature. It is available in the TikTok app for US users as well as standalone apps in other regions.

This feature is based on the desire of social media users to share ephemeral and less polished posts. Demand for this feature has been also evident in features like TikTok Stories or disappearing posts.

This is also a reminder of the fact that TikTok is a dominant force within the social media market but it is not above copying features to combat burgeoning competition.

Instagram, like TikTok, announced last month that it would test a BeReal-copycat feature called IG Candid Challenges.

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