Tyla Puts Her Twist On This Rihanna-Approved Boot Trend

Tyla professed that she “loves boots” during a recent interview with W. But what about Joots? Well, today, the musician added her name to a growing list of style stars co-signing the Joots (jean boots, that is) trend.

The singer, fresh off the success of her debut self-titled album, slipped into the buzzy footwear style during an appearance in London. She sported a pair of knee-high, light-wash boots that were all about shape. Folds of denim fabric added lots of intrigue to the shoe while the remainder followed the shape of a classic heeled boot. With spring right around the corner, the best way to wear your favorite pair of jeans during the warmer months might be to simply affix them to your feet.

Tyla then finished off her look with her go-to silhouette of a crop top and a teensy mini skirt. She paired a long sleeve Harley Davidson shirt, which framed her midsection, with a low-rise bottom (denim, of course) and a silver belt.

A statement boot has always been a go-to for fashion girls. You’d have to look no further than the pantaboots movement championed by the likes of Kim Kardashian over the past few years. Tyla’s jean boots, however, are a natural evolution of the heeled shoe. And she isn’t the only star whose entirely on board with the trend.

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Earlier this week, a certain Cardi B showed off a pair of her own. Now, unlike Tyla’s, these Y/Project boots were attached to actual jeans which the rapper left unbuttoned. Just under 24 hours prior, Joots received yet another seal of approval from perhaps the ultimate fashionista: Rihanna.

The Bad Gal was spotted running errands around Los Angeles in a bedazzled pair of Loewe’s pant boots which originally debuted during the fall 2023 season. Rihanna has worn a similar all-white pair in the past, and, of course, has never shied away from a major boot moment. Denim or otherwise.

Tyla, Cardi, and Rihanna have all presented three very different versions of Joots here. As Tyla went the more traditional route, Cardi added a bit of an edge to hers while Rihanna’s leather pair were more about the look of jeans rather than denim fabric itself. Call it the Joots-aissance.

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